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1.$1.8-million Vario Perfect ultra-luxury motorhome is 2 Mercedes in 1

If you consider your sports car to be a full-fledged member of the family, you’ll likely want to take it with you cross country. Variomobil’s newest motorhome lets you travel in five-star luxury with your prized four-wheeler in tow.

The 2021 Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum RV is built to order by the family-owned German outfit and can be tailored to suit each driver’s needs. It features a modern interior that’s akin to a lavish hotel suite, along with a dedicated space to store all manner of swanky rides, such as the Mercedes-AMG GT (shown above) or Porsche 911.

Variomobil has been custom building RVs for more than 30 years, and the bespoke “yachts on land” are finished to the highest standards. The range-topper will set you back roughly $1.7 million if you opt for all the extras and measures up to 39 feet in length. The exterior is finished in a sleek platinum colorway with black glass and has a classic bus-like shape that’s sure to appeal to traditionalists.

The interior of the 2021 Vario Perfect 1200 Platinum 

Inside, the motorhome features three expandable living areas to give travelers more space. The layout includes a well-appointed bathroom with a built-in shower, a kitchenette and dining space, plenty of comfy lounge seating and a bedroom with a sizable bed. High-end furnishings and materials are used throughout, along with strip lighting to brighten up the space. Optional extras, such as a dishwasher, a back-up generator, solar charging panels, air conditioning, a Bose sound system, or Apple TV may also be fitted for an additional fee.

Of course, what really sets this motorhome apart is the garage. The car-size space features automatic retraction on a cantilever car platform for easy access to your Porsche. It also sports a built-in charging station, so you can juice up your e-bike.

Under the hood, the motorhome is built on Mercedes-Benz‘s Actros 2453 chassis base. It packs a 10.7-liter turbo-diesel six-cylinder engine that can deliver 422 hp as standard. If you want extra grunt, there is also a 12.8-liter engine that can churn out 523 horses. Variomobil says the brute is still plenty handy and maneuverable despite its size. For a million bucks, you can be the judge of that.

Check out more photos of the RV below:

2. The Dream RV: EarthRoamer XV-LTS

Going on a summer roadtrip? How about this £337,000 luxury motor home that’s better than most people’s houses

This luxurious camper tailors only for the super wealthy – just as well when it costs more than a HOUSE.

The extravagant EarthRoamer XV-LTS starts at $438,000 USD (£337,000) with a crazy options list on top.

The interior can be customised to include a refrigerator, memory foam bunk beds and can house up to four people.

It doesn’t stop there though with the latest version coming with a 40-inch TV, Bose surround sound system and a heated bathroom.

There’s an extendable outdoor kitchen, too – perfect for your summer getaway.

But if you’re thinking of popping down to your local dealer to put down a deposit – don’t bother.

There’s a year-long waiting list for admirers.

The EarthRoamer can tackle all terrains thanks to its chassis based on the Ford-F550 pick-up.

The completely self-sufficient motor home uses 1,200 watts of power stored in its batteries.

Luxury interior has extendable outdoor kitchen

The idea for the EarthRoamer – which has been purchased by musician John Mayer and a number of other high-profile owners – was devised in 1998, with the first prototype then created in 2003.

Annie Stein, director of sales and marketing for EarthRoamer, said: “Our craftsmanship is second to none – each vehicle is hand-built, custom to order, and designed from the ground up to be capable, comfortable and reliable in any weather or terrain.

Surround sound and 40-inch TV appear on latest generation of luxury motor home

“Our vehicles excel off road, are self-sufficient off grid, and provide a luxury experience not found in any other vehicle in the industry.

“We have also created a unique and close-knit community of owners, which we call the EarthRoamer family, made up of like-minded individuals looking to get off the beaten path in a vehicle they can trust.”

The latest EarthRoamer model costs more than a house

3. The eleMMent Palazzo, a $3m land yacht

The recreational vehicle, or RV, is the eleMMent Palazzo – the capitalisation an allusion to its maker, the Austria-based Marchi Mobile, founded by former trucking magnate Mario Marchi.

This mobile mansion will be built on a Volvo chassis and be powered by a Volvo engine for easy servicing. That trucking technology is essential, as there will be a hefty payload of marble, rose gold and hubris to haul around once Marchi Mobile locates a buyer for its Leviathan.

The Palazzo’s sweeping lines, a heroic attempt at making a brick appear aerodynamic, were originally penned by Luigi Colani, the irascible eighty-something father of so-called biodynamic industrial design, whose organically bulbous aesthetic has been channelled into vehicles for Fiat, Alfa Romeo and BMW. Colani’s trademarks are still in evidence, but the expanse behind the cab is given over to the client’s every indulgence and whim.

Functionally, the Palazzo has a slide-out room not unlike those found on nicer trucking rigs, but it also offers a “Sky Lounge”, replete with banquette seating that rises out of the body to create a rooftop nightclub, complete with mood-lit canopy, audio system and wet bar. It is essentially a sky bridge, the likes of which might be spotted  bobbing off Cannes or in the harbour at the Monaco Grand Prix, making the Palazzo – indisputably and unironically – a land yacht.

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